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We have you covered. Using the finest possible materials and responsibly sourced loose diamonds, we will create the ideal engagement ring for you.

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Responsible Sourcing

This is a special time and we feel it is very important your engagement ring is not only well made at a great price, but also comes from sources that can be trusted.

We are extremely careful when selecting relationships and partnership within our industry. We find hard working, trustworthy and dependable companies with the same values and goals as us.

Whether it be working with recycled gold producers, or canadamark loose diamonds, we always do our research in order to offer products we are happy to sell. We like to rest easy at night knowing we have made a beautiful piece of jewellery manufactured from environmentally sustainable materials.

Recycled Gold

Make the experience that much more special.

Mining of gold is very harmful to the environment. We try and minimize the impact of mining by using gold refined from previously mined gold. The gold comes from items such as electronics, scrap metal and old jewellery. The gold is then processed and refined to its pure form so it can be cast into a brand new engagement ring. We feel this added benefit makes the ring buying experience that much more special.

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Consequences of Mining

We care about where our diamonds come from.

Environmental Impact

Mining can cause devastation to the local habitat if not done in a careful manner. Our mined diamonds come from miners that have strict practices of addressing the environmental impact.


There have been instances of mined materials such as loose diamonds used to fund conflict across the globe. We are very careful to only supply conflict free diamonds. Our canadian loose diamonds are tracked directly from the mine in order to confirm origin.

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Water Pollution

Mining can effect the ground and surface water causing high levels of arsenic, sulphuric acid and mercury. Using recycled metals allows us to limit the demand for mining of new gold or platinum.


Poor Safety

Miner’s rights are often neglected. With fairmined gold, we offer a product which certifies and monitors artisanal mining sites to guarantee fair labour practices are observed. This organization takes care of the people working the mines by offering fair wages and fair working conditions.

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