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Our Philosophy

We and our partners uphold the following core values.

  • Be Accountable: All products must be of ethical and conflict free sources.
  • Be Transparent: All offices, factories and facilities are subject to strict auditing.
  • Be Charitable: Give back to the community through donations, jobs & training.
  • Be Proud: Our workmanship is of the highest standards in the industry.
  • Be Mindful: Only use paper products when necessary and reduce carbon footprint.

Socially Responsible. Conflict Free.

We strive to produce the finest quality jewellery right here in Toronto, Canada. Every piece of jewellery manufactured by Jacob Mercari is done so in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manor.

We Have Eco Options

All of our diamond and jewellery products are sourced in a fair and responsible manor. We verify all channels and only work with manufacturers we are comfortable with. That being said, for the customer looking for a ring or jewellery piece that goes the extra mile in terms of the environment, we have options for you.

We Are Ethical

We only work with loose diamond manufacturers compliant with an external auditing process to ensure all diamonds are conflict free. We are big fans of the Responsible Jewellery Council as they do a very good job of ensuring a proper chain of custody is being followed. Learn more here.

We Give Back.

Our philosophy involves making a positive impact and doing good with a portion of our profits. We donate a percentage of our profits to worthy causes surrounding the diamond and jewellery industry.  We want to help improve the lives of those working and supporting our industry. We hope to expand our efforts in the near future.

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